Hey, Welcome to The Lifeology!


I’m Brooke- an actress turned health and wellness enthusiast and LOVE sharing my passion for all
things that make up this awesome life.


After healing my own health issues, I’ve realized that so many women spend a majority of their lives at war with their body (whether they even know it or not). I’m determined to help women find balance in the everyday and love themselves in the process!  Living healthy doesn’t need to be complicated and is so much more than what we fill our plates with.  



I’m thrilled to offer 1:1 Health Coaching  (coming soon) as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. 


You can get on the waitlist for my programs HERE  🙂 


When I’m not obsessing over healthy things I’m: at the beach, hiking, playing pretend on tv, working on set, spending time with my family/ sweet fiancé and just lovin’ this rad life we live. 


Excited to share all things Lifeology with you !



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