CHANGE- Why It’s Essential For Us All


“What is it in your life you would most like to change? Think of this… the starting point of all change is when we change the dominant beliefs that have been limiting our awareness.”


I have had some big changes lately. Some very exciting… but big changes. Moving in itself (while exciting) is tiring and honestly a lot of work. So many things to remember and thousands of checklists. *eyeroll*  In full transparency, this change has left me feeling very overwhelmed. However, I’m using this as my friendly reminder (to myself and anyone else that needs to hear it) that change is really such a beautiful thing.


If you are planning to get more out of life in the future than you have either in this current moment OR in the past…. change is essential.


You can not expect improved results in your life if you are unwilling to change. I think this is so exciting! How cool is it that we are always one decision or choice away from changing our lives?!! There’s this idea in society that some people are just born into greatness OR simply have more potential than others… which BLOWS my mind. This false belief leaves people living trapped in a life they do not want, often spinning out of control on a hamster wheel and completely unaware of the endless possibilities that are (quite honestly) at their fingertips.



The truth is, we can change whatever it is we want to change… whenever it is we want to.


It could be as simple as moving cities, changing jobs or as big as uprooting and changing everything. Life is supposed to be an exciting adventure. We are here to have fun. One small change in your actions can produce one HUGE change in results.


I think it’s time we walk towards change fearlessly.


We GET the opportunity to create change, and what a true gift that is.






  1. This. Is. Everything. You are so beautiful Brooke!

    1. Thanks Bri Bri! Glad it resonated!

  2. The only way to accept change is to realize that it is inevitable here, that no matter what we do we can t keep it from happening. When you do realize this, you will sense the relief inside you. Your body doesn t like it when you try to hold back change. All the cells of your body are changing every instant. All your body s processes go on unnoticed bringing change everywhere. When you try to hold back any of the inevitable forms of change in your life, the body gets confused and shuts down in some ways. This causes tension, stress, all kinds of discomfort for you.

  3. YES!!!! so so important! XO

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