Create Your Own Magic: Choosing JOY

Create your own magic- choosing JOY

This is your friendly reminder that YOU are in charge and you can create your own magic, your own happiness, and your own JOY. While I’m a firm believer in trusting the process and even talk about it (HERE). It is important that we also take the reins  of the things we CAN control (our attitude, how we let things affect us etc). Are choosing JOY? OR are you simply waiting on others or even other situations to provide?


Below are some tips on how to CREATE MAGIC for yourself EVERYDAY:



Make yourself #1-  You must make yourself a priority! If you wait to take time for yourself until you have already checked everything off of the days TO- DO list… you more likely than not will be too tired to do anything else and skip to the next day (promising yourself you will make time the following day)…..The cycle continues.  Have you heard the saying- you can’t be completely in love with someone until you completely love YOURSELF? … Same concept 🙂

You come first, you just have to.

Involve yourself in activities that re-charge your batteries. Reading a book, going on a walk, getting a pedicure, going for a massage, calling a friend, listening to your favorite music etc. Carving out time for yourself really is so crucial and has been a complete game changer in my life!


Writing- You may not love to write but go with me… Train your mind to see the positive by writing down even the smallest things that you are grateful for. This can be once a week, once a day, once an hour…. However many times you need in order to remind yourself how beautiful this life is.  Another all time favorite is writing down what you have already accomplished! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with where we’re “supposed” to be in our lives and to slip down the rabbit hole of comparison- when really you have already accomplished SO much! Start writing them down so that you can clearly see the incredible strides you have made thus far!


Do one thing towards your goal everyday- Even just one small thing towards your end goal can help lift your spirits and create a joyous lifestyle. Take the time to accomplish something that you KNOW will leave you in a good mood. (Even something as small as setting aside a few dollars for your upcoming trip.) This can also be a huge help in removing you from your routine and renewing your energy. Shifting your focus onto something you are passionate about will make all the difference.


We all deserve to be living the life we want – we wouldn’t have the desires and dreams if we were not capable of them. It’s the balancing act of trust/control, and the tricky navigation in choosing joy when things may not be going our way.


True magic comes from sincerely appreciating where you are in life right at this moment.


Because remember….all moments are extremely precious!






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