Having It All Together

enjoying life; having it together
( my family “having it all together” at a professional event ) 



Recently I’ve fallen guilting to comparing my life to others and thinking “oh man they have it all together etc etc” But honestly…. do we ever really get it together? Is there a moment where we think “oh ya, I have it all together now.” or is that idea just total bullshit??? I personally think bullshit.. 


I don’t think we ever have it all together. There is always going to be something. ALWAYS. We can’t live in the world we do and expect our lives to be perfect. The comparison game is toxic and only causes us to push awesome things further from us. This week I was talking to my mom about all of this. I finally feel like things are aligning and *poof* I get a giant crack in my windshield and have to fork over 500 dollars to get it fixed AH. She simply said “with bigger success come bigger obstacles.” This can be a little daunting but also how rad is it that we are equipped to handle those things when they are presented in our lives.. And if we don’t feel as though we are equipped… We somehow find a way. 


I love that about life- how romantic and lovely is it that we are all just a mess and that as much as we long and strive for things to be perfect or our version of perfection… they never are… however, they always end up perfect in their own little way. 


I think we’re always a bit of a mess, but in our own beautiful ways. 


Here’s some things I do to make me FEEL like I have it all together.. When really im just doing my thing, working towards goals, failing, succeeding, celebrating small victories and trying my best to enjoy every aspect of this life we get to live. 


1.Exercise – Moving my body everyday is a MUST. I have to get outside or go to the gym or do yoga or do SOMETHING so that I feel I gave my body and mind a release/break. Running is my favorite. I started to fall in love with running while training for the Chicago marathon in 2016. My relationship with running prior was ALWAYS love/hate. Loved the way it made me feel but HATEDDDDD doing it. Really hated it. NOW, running is a mental stabilizer. It is a necessity! 

2. My Morning Routine – I’ve always been a fan of slower mornings but in the last year I have made an effort to make my morning routine non negotiable. I am SO much more productive and happier if I start my morning, writing my morning pages (stream of consciousness writing, I learned to do from the book the artist way) with coffee in hand and reading a few pages of a book. This helps my mind get in the right direction for a kick ass day. 

3. Making a list – Love a good list! I love writing down things I have to accomplish, things I want to accomplish AND things I plan on accomplishing later on in the week or month. Nothing like getting it out of my head onto paper AND the complete satisfaction that comes later when you can cross completed items off the list.

4. CLEANING – I don’t like to clean but I LOVEEEEE having a clean space. I need to have a clean space in order to function properly. I love being able to get rid of clutter and enjoy a FRESH creative space. I’m a little OCD with this…. (don’t get my boyfriend started..) BUT it helps so much and makes a huge difference for me. 

5. Scheduling time for ME– No work, No mindless instagram scrolling…. SUNSHINE and a book, or journal OR even getting a manicure or pedicure… I know its basic but hey, it makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together.


Friendly reminder that we are all just human, everyone has different needs, different goals, different things to help them feel successful. Embrace what YOU need. If you aren’t being kind to yourself, you can’t possibly be kind to those around you…  *Be a little selfish* and do things that make YOU feel like you have it together… even just a little bit 🙂  





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