My Reality Check- Living Presently

Living Presently

A couple days ago in acting class, I had a moment while performing my audition piece where I legit blacked out… (not in a scary, there’s something wrong with me way) BUT in a completely immersed in the moment kind of way. I was out of my head so much and experiencing the moment so vividly that when I snapped back into reality, I questioned what had happened when FINALLY it hit me in the face like a ton of bricks….


BROOKE, this is what living in the moment is!


It’s being so in tune, so in sync and so in the flow of what you are experiencing that.. It just HAPPENS. That nothing else in the room matters, no outside opinions and NO inner monologues.


It’s that moment when you leave your inner critic at the door, you shut them down before even starting.


living each moment


This was a major AH HAH moment for me.. I really think a lot of us go through life and don’t realize how many moments we pass by… when in fact those little moments are so very magical.


Living in the present isn’t always easy….it’s far easier to stay in our heads and listen to our inner judge (that can often have a mind of it’s own). I think living in the present is expecting to hit a home run 100% of the time. Expecting excellence instead of having even the slightest fear or slightest thought that striking out is even an option.


Our mind is a powerful thing.


How do you consciously live in the present everyday??





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