Redefining Your Life (a little note to myself)

This photo is from the first time I was in Hong Kong three years ago. A time when I had just basically uprooted my life to go back on tour with the performing arts group I traveled with. That trip redefined a lot of different aspects in my life. I rediscovered myself, ignited my soul again and found parts of me that I didn’t know we’re missing. (in a nutshell haha)


I’m learning that life is funny like that. Just when you think it has defined you- there’s a new chapter or a new challenge that is thrown your way.


It’s funny to look back on the changes that time brings, so much has happened yet there’s part of me that feels like this photo was taken yesterday. I can still feel the wind from that freezing cold day on my face. We traveled (after teaching in workshop all day) to go see the Buddha but we didn’t do our research and had NO clue that it would take us over two hours to get there. Fortunately, we got to the Buddha minutes before it closed. We ran to the top, took some photos and sat in awe of the beauty that it encompassed. We laughed at how ridiculous the travel was to get there, turned around and got right back on a bus to go home.



Looking back on what life looked like three years ago… I’m proud of the girl in this photo. Im proud of all she’s accomplished mentally and physically and I’m proud of her for showing up for herself time and time again. I’m proud of her for saying yes to a tour and trip that changed her life. I’m proud of her for continually putting her heart out there and standing up for the things she is passionate about. Im proud of her for letting herself appreciate every day for it’s different lessons. I’m proud of her for acknowledging her imperfections and embracing them. I’m proud of her for rebuilding the confidence she lost somewhere down the line and I’m proud of her for continuing to live a life of wonder.


I think that’s what it is all about. It’s about enjoying what life has to offer, and riding the sweet wave of those redefining moments…. even when they don’t seem to make sense OR you can’t quite tell what the end result will look like. I’m finding that when we do redefine ourselves or our lives it only adds more excitement to our stories.


 May you always be growing, always be learning and always be redefining your purpose in this life.





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