Soul Check


find your joy and do not conform to what the world thinks you should or shouldn’t be doing


Writing this today to simply note that we must STOP listening to that voice people put in our heads years ago.


There was a time (probably a long time ago) when all that mattered were the things that brought you Joy. There were no worries, no doubts, no self deprecating thoughts. The blissful days before the self doubt crept in. BEFORE we allowed our ego to take over and feed our soul negative beliefs.


The saying “you are enough” doesn’t really do it for me. You are MORE than “enough”. You are tremendous, you are talented, you are encouraging, you are kind, you are an incredible being- inspiring people around you more than you even realize. You are someone’s rock, you are someone’s role model.






We were not made to be ordinary, we were made to be joyous beings ENJOYING this journey and living in our MAGIC. We are here for the magic.


We should be screaming our joy and our most authentic self from the highest mountain for everyone to hear.


It’s not always easy and I’ve fallen victim to allowing the outside world to extinguish my inner light and my soul’s deepest joys BUT there is always a way out of that, and always an opportunity to consciously CHANGE that inner dialogue.   


Rise up from the very depths of your soul. Shine the light you were told to dim and live it unapologetically.


You will NEVER regret being YOU. EVER





  1. Yes! Love this, exactly what I needed to hear today – thank you! Bring on the MAGIC.

    1. Yes my sis!!!! XO

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