Settling into the Unknown & Trusting the Process


When I say “settled” I definitely do not mean being okay and cooperating with the mediocre. Often times settling can be used in a derogatory way causing us to see it as an unfortunate occurrence.


THIS settlement though, is simply sitting in the present and being okay with the PROCESS- which can be so incredibly hard. It actually is almost always SO incredibly hard.


Here’s why-


We live in a society of instant gratification. Whether the electronic world we live in is good or not.. It has definitely changed things in regard to the steps we take in making things happen. Everything is online and people are literally making millions of dollars on their instagram accounts.. HOW? Remember when dial up was a thing???


Things are happening quickly. It doesn’t mean our lives have to.



When I really think about it, the times in my life when I have felt most alive and have been pushed to the next level have been when I didn’t know what was going to happen. When it wasn’t in my control and when I was unsure of the HOW.


The idea and concept of trust can literally be traced back to Adam and Eve. God places them in a garden of trees they may eat, but forbids them from eating from the tree of knowledge yet when Adam and Eve are seduced to eat the fruits from this very tree they are expelled.


Often times we desire the control. We want to be in the know, we want to have a plan and we want things to be in our timing. Transformation comes when we are not in control. Most of the time being in the dark is where the true intimacy lies. Why? Because we have to trust. We have to trust the process, we have to surrender to the experience and to the ultimate plan.


You are only as strong as your readiness to surrender.


The thing is, this doesn’t mean we just sit around and wait for the things we want and the life we want to happen. It simply means we can create it in our minds and WATCH it happen. Write it down and allow the steps of action to come to you, because if you’re ready… they will.


Settling in the unknown is trusting your intuition, trusting the universe, trusting God- whoever and whatever it may be for you, but it’s TRUST. It’s the ultimate surrender that all things are working FOR you and never against you. Things are happening for a reason- even when you don’t know what that reason is…. (Especially when you don’t know what that reason is). Being a human being is much more important than being in the know and in absolute control.


I’m a competle control freak, so this idea of letting go of control creeps into my thoughts almost hourly… allowing myself to let go of the timeline I’ve created for myself and settling in the idea that it will all  happen, and it will all happen in the perfect timing… not in my timing. In fact, it will probably be far better than I could ever imagine or try and control.


Do you struggle with this to? Have you settled in the unknown?


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