Europe & All It Reminded Me

European Freedom
Isn’t it fascinating that you can hop on a flight and go anywhere in the world??!!!


I’m so thankful for this recent trip to Europe. It really was so wonderful in many different ways. I’m thankful my family is always up for meeting each other halfway around the world! Our family trips are definitely not perfect but I know one day I will miss them immensely so for now- I’ll take the arguing, the bickering, the 0 sense of direction anyone has and endless amounts of  laughs (like when we got pulled over by the dutch police for cramming too many people in our rental car in hopes to get to the beach!) hahha 🙂 


There’s a romantic feeling to Europe that I had forgotten, a crisp yet smooth texture to the air, a sense of wonder in people’s eyes and an incomparable kindness that people exude. It’s a lifestyle we Americans are not accustomed to- which is unfortunate because our culture would benefit significantly from it. It’s the notion that we don’t have to rush through life worrying about what’s coming next but rather observing and experiencing the moments that are present around us. There is a cultural buzz that we lack here in America- the awareness of all surrounding countries and different ways of life. It’s historical. When you stop to think about it- the roads we walked on while traveling Europe were filled with people (maybe even ancestors) FAR before America was even an idea…….which is insanely inspiring. Europe is an energetic field that you can’t help but feel a sense of freedom and ease in. I had forgotten these feelings. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that after spending years throughout Europe and continuously in awe of the cultural differences and the romantic feeling that I am describing……. I had forgotten it all. 


Europe & it's freedom
The Canals in Amsterdam


Traveling to Europe to watch my brother do what he loves was the perfect reminder. The reminder of what that magic feels like. Being present while watching someone you love do something that they are so in sync with and in love with is a crazy awesome experience. It reminded me of that special sense of wonder we all should carry with us. The ability to just BE and fall in love with the moments. To fall in love with the little details that are happening around us 24/7. Life is so much more than the hustle bustle. Life is that romantic feeling that Europe radiates, it’s a gift.


I think we should all celebrate the gift we were given….. just a little bit more. 




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