My Birthday Abroad

My Birthday Abroad- Buckingham Palace

Birthdays are weird for me- I’ve always felt some sort of  pressure with them. It’s one day all about you but that day goes by SO fast and symbolizes SO much. Another trip around the sun and another year to crush your goals and experience this awesome life. 

My 27th year covered a lot of unknown territory. I signed a contract with a new agency, fully immersed myself back into my dreams, moved into a dreamy apartment with my dream guy in a new city. Traveled thousands of miles, got on a crazy amount of airplanes and fell in love with life all over again. I made it a goal to really experience life instead of letting life happen to me. While I haven’t mastered this yet I definitely feel that I’ve made a conscious effort to implement it.

As amazing as it is that I spent my birthday in London- truthfully it’s not really where I  wanted to be. (which sounds ridiculous, I know) I wanted to be surrounded by friends and family doing all the things I love crammed into one day. Thankfully however, my sister was traveling Europe and flew into celebrate with me. I was insanely exhausted after working the whole week and driving all over a foreign country that I didn’t really feel like doing much- other than just being. I wanted to have no plans and walk around the gorgeous city that I have grown to love. So, that’s exactly what we did and in the midst of it all I realized that there doesn’t always have to be a plan, there doesn’t have to be a timeline- we can just BE. Exactly how I felt in Europe a couple weeks ago.

It’s so much more exhilarating to just be present

 In true fashion of my past year- my sister and I roamed around the city going to pubs and talking about our goals/reminiscing on this past year. 


Buckingham Palace-should I invite the queen to my bday party?


28 is already cooler than I thought it would be. While I’m secretly freaking out that I’m closer to 30 than 20 and am officially almost at another DECADE. I feel like 28 is even more my year than I assumed my golden year would be. It feels calmer, it feels more grounded, it feels like for the first time my intuition is present and in charge. I’m feeling in control of not having control of this crazy life (if that even makes sense). I’m trusting more than before and walking in my faith that things are happening for me- always. 

How rad is this life?!

I’m thankful I am able to travel and wander the streets of foreign yet familiar cities. 

Life is a beautiful crazy ride- cheers to my 28th year on this epic planet. 




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