Simple Spiritual Benefits of Travel

Why do you travel? Most people’s responses are similar- to get away from the everyday, to experience new places, to relax, to understand new cultures, the need for adventure etc. However- travel can take us so much deeper than that. Traveling allows us to go beyond the surface and provides us with opportunities to truly benefit our soul. The traveler with an open heart, an open mind and the willingness to surrender, is open to the endless opportunities of learning that our planet has to offer. Thoughtful travel is worth every penny. 


Travel connects you to people, connects you to the world and connects you to the purposeful passionate life we are all pursuing. I believe traveling can be a profound and life changing experience….. if you allow it to be. If you immerse yourself into the culture, among the people…..traveling (diving into a new place) can extend an immense amount of simple spiritual benefits we often don’t find in the mundane of our routines.


Is spirituality even simple??? 


Spirituality is the faith that comes when we are in alignment. So, while these benefits are far from “simple”, I believe they can “simply” happen FOR us while embarking on an adventure.


Benefits of Travel!

Simple Spiritual Benefits of Travel:


  1. Strips you from all “labels”

Often times in society we identify with what we do. We associate people with the label that we have created for them/ for ourselves. While traveling, we become travelers. We become people simply of our purest nature, we get to be who we always have been deep to the core. We get to embrace other people’s lifestyles and we are able to understand that people are people- no matter where you are in the world. Humans all share hopes and desires.


  1.  You get to know yourself

This seems cliche HOWEVER, traveling allows us time with our thoughts. ALONE time with our thoughts.  It forces us out of our comfort zone and changes the pace of our normal decisions. This allows us to trust our instincts and simply believe in ourselves. (A concept that is MUCH more complex than we often realize.)


  1. Life is put in perspective

Experiencing how others live can cause us to put our own lives in perspective. We begin to evaluate what is truly important and what is not. What is beneficial to our beings and what is simply draining our energetic core.


  1. Freedom

Traveling can offer ultimate freedom. Freedom from our debiliataly thoughts. Freedom from what we perceive to be true or perceive to be an issue in our life and leave us with the freedom of our being. The ability to take a deep breathe, while presently experiencing the environment around us.


Here’s to your happy, thoughtful and spiritual travel,





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