How Is Energy Affecting You?-The Energy Around and Within Us

Energy within and around us

“Energy flows where focus goes” Energy is one of the most powerful forces that we are born with- However, we cannot see it AND it is rarely spoken about. Energy is around us, Energy is within us, and Energy is a part of who we are. Just as we take in oxygen, we take in energy. Energy is forward charging and works as emotional electricity uniting people in extraordinary ways. Ever felt that electric energy- that forward draw to something/someone? Energy is affecting us- ALWAYS. 


When people are united they feel safe, confident and feel as though they have a place in this big and endless world. Everything is energy and realizing that will quite literally change your life! As Humans-  positive and negative thoughts circulate our brains 24/7.. Causing us to give and receive the energy flowing from those thoughts.


If you are a highly sensitive person you can feel that energy a bit stronger or perhaps in a more intense way than others BUT don’t be naive.. EVERYONE feels energy. We simply have to, it is in our DNA. We feel it when we do something for the first time, when we connect with new people, when we wake up in the morning, when we take our first sip of coffee, when we walk our dog.. When we do absolutely ANYTHING… It is simply around us, in us and flowing from every direction.


So, How is Energy Affecting us?  How is Energy really THAT powerful?


Energy creates and is founded in Trust, Inspiration and LOVE.

FACT; Energy is simply how we FEEL things.

Trust- Trust, since the creation of man, is where we derive. It is an emotional sea where our deepest thoughts and greatest desires are accepted within society. All relationships  are based on trust. Trusting your Intuition is a must. Intuition is the gift of knowing without reasoning- the clarity that comes to us. Our society often values thinking over feeling YET only when we renew our mind and follow our gut do our possibilities become reality.

Inspiration– Inspiration is emotive energy transformed into rational ways of doing things. It INSPIRES people to do more, give more and BE more. To show up for those around them and to contribute to society in a positive way.

Love– Love is and will always be the single most important thing on our planet. It is a feeling, an energy created when certain atoms are aligned and connected. Love is where we feel safe, protected and HAPPY.


All of the above are FELT before they are thought….. They flow to us, around us and resonate within.


It is important that we recognize the power that energy has within our lives- to allow it that power, to surrender to those energetic feelings and to channel the energy that you radiate when you feel most alive.


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou






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