Pressing the Reset Button on Your Life; Time Away

I’m finally home from a whirlwind of travel! Traveling with my family, traveling with work, a wedding in between, and lots of time in the air! 😯  To be honest, I was extremely stressed about being gone for about 4 weeks because I have a routine I like right now. I have things I want to accomplish and sometimes being away is stressful. HOWEVER, this time away has been exactly what I needed and more (without even knowing I so desperately needed it).


Have you ever felt like you were drowning in to do lists and literally could not keep afloat.. December was a month of Brooke trying to keep her head above the water and just exist.  AKA…. I was NOT fun to be around.. (guilty  😕 )


I’m one to make to do lists and not be completely satisfied until every task is crossed off that list. This applies to everything from daily tasks to all I want to accomplish in a year. This is CRAZY talk and extremely unhealthy…. not to mention unrealistic (AND I know I’m not alone in this way of thinking….)!!



….Life is too short to constantly obsessive over the to do lists!


Obviously we all “know” this but sometimes you need to get some sense knocked into you before actually realizing it AND believing it to be true.



Travel has always done this for me but this time my weeks away meant something more. It was as if the universe literally smacked me across the face and said “WAKE UP”. It pressed the reset button on my life and helped evaluate what was serving me and what was simply draining my energy.


Being away from my normal forced me to focus on what it is that is important in life. It led me to focus on all of the magical moments that happen in between the goal setting and the long work hours. It allowed me to see what I have been missing – what I’m taking for granted and how amazing my life is even when I’m not exactly where I want to be. Time away showed me that I am exactly where I need to be and that is OKAY. It showed me that comparison can literally steal my joy and giving comparison that much power is unacceptable. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in hard work and accomplishing all of my goals BUT there is something freeing in REALLY knowing that it’s all meant to be enjoyed… truly ENJOYED.


We cannot function in the robotic state of “GO GO GO”….. life is bigger than that.


Don’t we all deserve to live bigger?? Don’t we all deserve to sit back and reset every once in a while?


Let us reset the tone of our lives, reset our goals, reset our minds, bodies and spirits.



Sometimes I feel bad and even apologize for needing a second alone or a moment of silence to collect my thoughts- when in reality, I need alone time. I value the moments I can sit and write uninterrupted…..the times I feel most at peace with my own thoughts.  I have to honor those moments because they are simply necessary for me to succeed. I’m not fun to be around if I haven’t had my me time….why should I feel bad for that? Why should anyone feel bad for taking time away to sit in your own thoughts?


You literally cannot function without sleep, without setting the “reset button” on your day. Why should being a little selfish be any different?


Don’t wait to go on some extravagant trip to set the reset button- we should be taking a moment to pause daily, weekly, monthly (whatever works for you). Hit the reset button NOW and start enjoying your life more… start enjoying the process of it all. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the spectacular.


“Be easy about all of this. Life is supposed to be fun, you know. It is our powerful desire that you return to your state of self-appreciation. We want you to feel life for your life, for the people of your world, and most of all for yourself.”

Abraham Hicks



Press the Reset Button and ENJOY,


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