Say Goodbye To Your Comfort Zone

What are you afraid of?

As a child you were most likely a natural risk taker (like most children)- unaware of failure. However, somewhere along the way we all develop the irrational FEAR of failure. Am I good enough? Will I make enough money? Am I enough? BLAH BLAH BLAH!! These are some of the voices that develop in our heads. This causes the desire to stay within our comfort in fear of those voices. Even worse- the fear of feeling stress and anxiety from the voices that YOU have CREATED in your head!!! It is time to take back your power and JUMP out of your comfort!


We actually NEED a relative state of anxiety to be successful. A space in our being that has a SLIGHTLY higher stress level than where we normally function. (For obvious reasons- too much stress can cause the opposite effect and leave us too stressed and anxious to be productive- causing our performance and our energy to drop rapidly…. Pretty sure we have all been there! Ever felt like your energy was stagnant or you were “stuck” somewhere in your mind you didn’t want to be? SAME THING).


However, this healthy and slightly lower level of stress is often referred to as “optimal anxiety”.  This space is the one you touch down on after taking even the smallest step outside of your normal zone.Optimal Anxiety is the area in which our productivity reaches its highest point. This is the space you claim when you “just go for it!” A phrase we have all heard at least once in our lives.


Are you afraid of being too successful? Are you afraid of actually being productive?

Because….. comfort kills productivity!


There’s a theory that states the term “comfort zone” came from referencing our comfortable temperature zone. 67 to 78 degrees- the temperature where our bodies feel most comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold…. Just right.

Over the years we’ve been trained to associate it with the place in which we have routine, feel safe and can even function on autopilot.

BUT, have you ever done something you were extremely proud of while on autopilot?? …..


Live On- Celebrate Life! Jump into the NEXT


While I’ll be the first one to say we absolutely need our comfort and need a place to feel as though we can realign and reassess our energies….. It’s also all about the BALANCE.


Are you saying yes to new things?

Are you saying yes to things that scare you? (with your best judgment, of course)

Are you taking a jump out of your comfort and into new creativity??


Doing these things will allow exciting and abundant opportunities to flow into your life.. And perhaps they were just the things you were hoping for!


I can often be a radical- so for me, leaving my comfort zone can include a multitude of things. I’ve moved cross country, traveled to new places by myself etc. Because I feel most alive when I’m exploring the unknown. If you are like me and you simply need a reminder- Here it is.  Allow me to be your reminder to “go for it”. Do something that challenges your norm. If you’re still not sold and feel a bit skeptical, try doing something small each day. Do something as little as driving a different route to get home and exploring a bit, smiling at a stranger, going on a weekend vacation.. ANYTHING.


You can do things everyday to fuel your energy, your optimal anxiety and push you into that tiny space outside the comfort zone where you are most successful!!! Remember- nothing truly great ever came from playing it safe and living in the protection of our comfort zone.


How are you saying goodbye to comfort today?


Live On,



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