The Balancing Act


Happy March!! Where is the year going?? Am I the only one that feels like time is FLYINGGG??


I’ve been desperately searching for some balance in my life lately. I’m either all or nothing and honestly that mentality is running me into the ground. I’ve been battling a cold for about 3 weeks… which is a little ridiculous. I have found that life is very much a balancing act…. and always will be. We are constantly trying our best to move forward with our goals, our dreams and our aspirations, all while keeping afloat with various elements of our lives.


When life throws us curves and there is a shift in energy it can throw us off- this can make it difficult for us to move forward until we are balanced once again. Sometimes we have to sit with the areas or aspects of our lives that are draining too much energy… put them in perspective, align them and free up energy for the other areas. (if only it were THAT easy) HA.


Are you able to devote the same amount of energy to each endeavour or are you tipping to one side?


I’ve been trying my best to level out and find a common ground. Hopefully these tricks will help you too! 


**It’s important to remember that we all need a re-evaluation every once in a while, some more than others but nevertheless checking in with yourself plays an integral role in your well being. FURTHERMORE- others cannot do this for you. Checking in is something we have to make time for, for ourselves.**


  • Make a conscious decision to live in the PRESENT- live each day, moment by moment. When we worry about the future or what has happened in the past we are automatically giving away far too much energy to either area of our life that we no longer have control of. Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about living in the present and being mindful. He says, if you are in the shower but you are not “really in the shower”.. ( you are thinking of your afternoon meeting, what you are going to eat for breakfast, what you are going to wear) Then you are not in the present. Tune in, feel the water hit you as you focus on that moment and that moment only!!! LOVE THIS because it’s the perfect way to double check that you are being present!


  • Set Goals- write down goals for every aspect of your life. The writing down part is extremely important. As soon as we take it from the mind to the paper-it becomes real. We then release it as just an idea and it moves into being.


  • Plan Accordingly- set a schedule for each goal. Day by day, hour by hour, or minute by minute. Setting a schedule not only helps in achieving each goal but also helps in the understanding that things don’t happen overnight (although we sometimes wish they do). Change is inevitable and important to recognize.


  • Accepting Change- As mentioned previously, change is inevitable but are you willing to accept it? Checking in and acknowledging a need for balance is crucial but you must be willing to do the work and change the areas that are not working. If something is broken we don’t just leave it struggling to work as though it was fine… we fix it.


Take YOUR life into YOUR hands. Far too much stress and negative energy is created when we are living unbalanced. We can get irritable, annoyed and continue on the hamster wheel of life not accelerating ahead to our dreams.


Make time for yourself. Check in and stand confidently in your balanced, goal driven life. Always moving forward in the direction of your dreams.


Happy Balancing-




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