The Self Care We Should Be Prioritizing!

Our number one remedy- SLEEP.


I’m all about self care these days! My small self care rituals help me take time for me, enjoy life and overcome the overdoing it mentality. The ultimate self care though?….. SLEEP…. (if you are wanting to roll your eyes, I understand haha) When I first started seeing my holistic doctor in October for burnout and adrenal fatigue, she said one of the most important things to get your body back on track is sleep. I laughed because for as long as I can remember- sleep has been the LAST thing I have thought about. 


Staying up late, waking up early EXHAUSTED and repeating that toxic cycle (we’ve all done it).  The routine started to work so I continued and didn’t realize how bad I was letting it get. I would sleep 5 hours a night and wonder why I was so tired OR I would stay up until midnight and sleep in feeling lethargic and LESS than great.



I started diving deeper into sleep and how important it is for our bodies and it turns out… it’s essential (go figure).





BUT there are also optimal hours of sleep and incorporating these can make a HUGE difference. 


The concept of the organ clock in Chinese Medicine is helpful in understanding the patterns of our sleep. In chinese medicine- energy or “qi”moves through the body’s organs in a 24 hour cycle. Every two hours the energy is the strongest within a particular organ. In Chinese Medicine, the body, mind and emotion are connected. Meaning that our emotions are directly connected to our physical body. For example- my burnout and fatigue/ acne, and stomach irritation was directly connected to my stress levels. Another example- if you wake up at 3am every night (when your liver is at an energy peak) you may be struggling with an unhealthy diet, stress, excess alcohol consumption or even anger. Our bodies are always, ALWAYS trying to tell us something. If you wake up at certain hours of the night and want to know more about it (because its fascinating)  you can read about it here


I have personally found that unwinding before bed is just as important as getting to bed at a reasonable time. Less screen time for my mind to slowww down and relax for the day. Less tasks that I know are going to fuel stress or support “to-do lists” that I don’t need to focus on until tomorrow. This allows my mind to relax and enter the ultimate self care that it needs to restore for another day. I am definitely not perfect at this but in an effort to change my bedtime habits I have seen a REMARKABLE difference. 


Maybe we wouldn’t feel a desperate need for self care during the day if we gave ourselves proper time to unwind/restore our bodies energy during sleep??



While I won’t be giving up all self care during the day and trading it for sleep, I will definitely be prioritizing quality sleep in hopes to give my body what it’s telling me it NEEDS. 


tune in, our bodies always know






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