The Burn Out: Part Two

The Burn Out- Part Two (reflection)


UPDATE! I had my third appointment with my doctor yesterday and I’m finally feeling a change… it’s definitely been a rollercoaster. (if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about- here’s the link to my first Burn Out post) I felt great at first and then quickly fell into old habits and was frustrated that I allowed myself to go backwards- causing more unwanted stress and allowing the cycle to continue. However, I’m back on track and feeling good/way less overwhelmed with the amount of lifestyle changes.


Things like nutrition, supplements and my optimal time for sleep are all works in progress but getting exponentionally better! It’s crazy how much this has encouraged me to research and what I have learned while trying to make sure I’m taking care of myself. 


The biggest challenge in all of this is avoiding the “over-doing it” mentality


This is really hard. Just when I have a day where I’m feeling good, the next day is crazy and I have 1,000,000 things I feel like I am responsible for and I put all the pressure that I worked hard on removing from my plate- right back on there with even more than before. 


The thing is though- I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE.


Everyone woman that I’ve spoken to has dealt with similar issues OR is currently dealing with them. As I’ve been made more aware, I really think it’s a society issue. We are taught that we can have it ALL (which I firmly believe) HOWEVER, it doesn’t all have to happen at once. I feel as though it is expected of us to be doing a lot of things, responding to “how have you been?” with a simple “Busy”…..Honestly that’s such bullshit. 

I get it, I am busy too. Very busy. BUT maybe I wouldn’t be as busy if I put my foot down every once in a while and simply said I couldn’t do something… even if I thought I may feel guilty. BUSY is not a healthy state of mind to CONSTANTLY be in. (coming from someone who thrives on being busy) NEWSFLASH- it is not good for you


I was serious when I said in my first post that it scares me. It scares me and hurts my heart that 80% of women (probably men too) are feeling this way. They are burnt out because they have nothing left to give. 


My challenge group has been amazing. I really didn’t need to take on any more and I honestly probably shouldn’t have. (Again, one of my over-doer impulses) BUT I will say, it’s what I needed. I needed to stay accountable with other people and take time to focus UNAPOLOGETICALLY on my health. Health- in all sense of the word. I needed to be reminded to take time out of my day to do things for ME and I knew the only way I would do that is if I was encouraging people around me to do it as well! The accountability isn’t just a reminder to workout (to be honest, that’s not what I struggled with) it’s a reminder to show up for ME! 


It will take time but I’m determined to continue destroying the over doing, overwhelmed, always stressed mentality. 


Life is too damn precious for our answers to always be “busy”……






  1. I’ve been reading this and thought about something I always say but people laugh at – my friend card is filled right now. I always have to explain that I barely have time to keep up with all my friends in a meaningful way now that I just can’t take on anymore! Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I want to first feed my lifelong friendships before taking on any more. Honestly, I know what you mean when someone asks how have you been and the standard reply is busy. It’s all madness! What’s worse is we are raising our kids this way and teaching them this, perpetuating it! Ask any parent now how busy their kids are with school and activities and how booked weekends and nights are. No more weeknight family dinners!

    1. Aw hi! Thank you for reading! Yes, I actually love that because its very true. How on earth can you nurture new relationships if your lifelong ones aren’t being taken care of first! Honestly so WILD!!!! I hope it starts changing soon! XO

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